Franke Paschinger Interieur

March, 2024 · By Renée Del Missier

architectural photography for Katharina Franke – Die Lichtplanerin and Architekt DI Wolfgang Paschinger. A single-family home in the 23rd district of Vienna, shot on a bright and shiny day in autumn. The clients are using the pictures to show their references on their websites. They are used as reference photos by the lighting planner and the architect.

Further reference shoots for Katharina Franke:

Casa Kindergarten

December, 2023 · By Renée Del Missier

Interior photography at the new Casa Kinder locations. Overall photos, details, atmospheric images and photos in the gardens. They show the child-friendly furnishings that contribute to the children’s well-being and good development. Casa Kinder uses the pictures for internal and external marketing purposes, brochures, folders and the Casa Leben website.

Architektur – Lichtplanung Franke – Hotel Henriette

October, 2023 · By Renée Del Missier

Reference shoot for Lichtplanerin Katharina Franke who has planned the lighting for the Hotel Henriette in the 2nd district of Vienna.

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