pinhole chamber

For the project “Pinhole Chamber” Renée Del Missier transforms Viennese rooms into over-dimensional cameras. The exterior scene penetrates the interior, intertwining the public sphere with the private. The city’s life, with its transportation, people and architecture, is brought inside. Its inverted projection pleasingly disorientates the viewer’s perception of the room, seemingly challenging the dimensions of the interior.

Two photographes where exibited 2016 at the group exhibition Pinhole: Stadt | Land in the house of photography. I’d like to thank those who offered me a chamber for a few hours, Ralph Luger, Saskia Wiesenthal at  Hotel Altstadt Vienna, Jolanda Mark and Artist Jürgen Tschabrunn alias Septicwag.

to be continued …

“Tree” was selected to be exhibited at the Fine Art Exhibition from the Blank Wall Gallery from 26 May until 8 June 2017 in Athen.

The Photographs called “Tree”, “Garden”, “Chair”, “Lamp” and “Oven” are currently exhibited in Goethe Institut in Hongkong at the exhibition “uncommon places“. A project by #youngaustrianphotography. Exhibition is running until 30th Sept 2017.

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