free – Vespa Alpentour

January, 2019 · By Renée Del Missier

Summer 2018: two classic Vespas, both more than 40 years old, travel through the alpes, courve by courve, higher and highres. For eleven times they drive up to more than 2000 Meter above sea-level. They even break their own records by reaching the Italian “Passo dello Stelvio” at 2.757 a.s.l. There is only one higher alpine pass, called “Col de l’Isèran” in France. (13 meters higher). But who knows, one day they might drive even up there…

vehicles: Piaggio Vespa Sprint and TS
year of manufacture: 1976 and 1966
distance travelled: 1.800 per Vespa
fuel consumption in liters, both together: 128
highest point a.s.l.: 2.757 (Stilfser Joch)
passes higher than 2.000 m: 11 (Kühtai, Bieler Höhe, Albulapass, Berninapass, Livignopass, Eira-Pass, Foscagno-Pass, Stilfserjoch, Staller Sattel sowie Fuscher Törl und Hochtor am Großglockner)
breakdowns: none (just right after the journey the red vespas engine was neccessarily completely overhauled…)


August, 2018 · By Renée Del Missier


Orang Utan means “man of the woods”. It lives solitary and swings from tree to tree eating leaves. Each Orang Utan needs a certain area. Since the 80ies the jungle is shrinking.

Mr. Aji spends his whole life for the monkeys. He drives tourists up and down the Kinabatangan River and walks with them into the jungle. He wants them to take pictures and spread the word. He teaches about nature, animals and plants. He reports the WWF the number of endangered species. He loves monkeys.

When you walk away from the river it takes only a few minutes and you will end up in a oil-palm plantation. From the river you can see the end. It is only a little belt of the healthy mixture of trees. The habitat is disappearing quickly.

Timor Leste

February, 2018 · By Renée Del Missier

Travelling Timor Leste, the youngest Asian country including Atauro Island.

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