pinhole chamber

“pinhole chamber”

creating an oversized camera obscura: a chamber becomes a pinhole camera. sitting inside, whatching the streetlife, nature, traffic, bringing the outside life into the private room
all is upside down and interfering with the interiors in the room. except the little light throught the little hole nothing goes outside but the world outside comes into the room. silently.

Two photographed where exibited 2016 at the group exhibition Pinhole: Stadt | Land in the house of photography. I’d like to thank those who offered me a chamber for a few hours, Ralph Luger and Saskia Wiesenthal /  Hotel Altstadt Vienna.

to be continued …

The Photograph titled “pinhole chamber #1” is selected to be exhibited at the Fine Art Exhibition from the Blank Wall Gallery from 26 May until 8 June 2017 in Athen.